Sunday Afternoon Drive in Amish Country

Last Sunday, we went for a drive to look for some Christmas greens to make some wreaths.

Hop in our back seat and go with us as we take a couple back roads by our house to find what might put you in the Christmas spirit. Somehow, no matter what I'm looking for, I always make an excuse to drive by this junkyard filled with old vintage cars.

We drove slowly during our treks and made many random stops.

Our search is on to clip evergreens and berries. Of course, they aren't from other people's properties.

We wander onto a part of land that no one owns and serves just this kind of purpose.

I also always enjoy the roads that take me right through the middle of Shreve swamp.

Syd was pretty happy that she captured a photo of this pair of swans with a bird roosting on the driftwood.

There is something so mysterious and peaceful about the swamp.

We are so blessed to live in a land that is free and to be able to make our own choices.

As the sun was setting, joy filled my heart...

to know that we can drive down little back roads only five minutes from our house and see so much beauty. I truly enjoy living in Amish Country.

We put our treasures on a old curtain in the middle of our kitchen floor....

....and started making the Christmas wreath for our front door.

Was I glad that I took a drive in the country instead of a Sunday afternoon nap? YES!
I hope this inspires you to see the beauty in nature even after the colorful leaves are gone.
Thanks for riding along with Syd and me. We hope you will join us again.
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