Ladies Take On Florida

Spring Break 2015!
This year we took along a friend who enjoys sunsets as much as we do.

For years, my friend Wanda has commented and liked my photos of sunsets when we have vacationed in Sarasota.
Our paths crossed many years ago when she gave me my first hair cut. We stayed connected over the years mostly by social media. Occasionally we'd get to do lunch or parties together. So when I saw her on one of the coldest days this winter at the local post office. I asked her, "So, are you going to go with us to see the sunsets in person this year?" She quickly replied "YES! I am!" She later told me she surprised herself with her boldness of just saying she was going and not knowing what it would hold.

A few texts and a couple of weeks later, the day finally came for the ladies to head south.
Little did we know that we'd face an obstacle on the day we were to leave for vacation.
A big, wild turkey flew into our windshield. So when I sent Wanda this picture, her wheels started spinning for our next plan. She soon texted back that we could use her company van, and a couple hours later we were on the way.

We have been having many firsts on this adventure.
We couldn't have picked a greater traveling partner!

Wanda has blessed us with her presence and feels like she been part of our family for years. Here she is trying her first sushi with my daughters.


We have found many treasures while thrifting.

We have managed to find our secret beaches where you don't see half of our community sunbathing on their spring break.

At the Sarasota Farmers Market, we were so excited to see our sweet friend Angela who lives here 

This is always a Saturday morning favorite.

Our sweet Wanda has spoiled us with serving us and cleaning up after us. She has such a servant's heart.

One day we went to the Jetty in Venice.

Its always a hoot when I hang out with my girls. They're the crazies, funniest people I know.

On this day, the girls and I tried our first oysters.

Angela took us for our first Anna Marie Donuts.

Still thinking about this experience. The bacon caramel donut was AAAMAZING!

Wanda's first Ross shopping. She's hooked:)

The Croissant & Co. in Venice makes you feel like you're in France.

God gave us this kiss. I happened to capture the moment when one of the dolphins surfaced.

I always stop to admire these bright Easter-egg-colored houses that should be a part of a dream.

I was so happy to find this piece of driftwood. I will be using it to display our Farmhouse Frocks spoon rings. Do you see the cross that showed up in the picture?

We also drove down the road where the rich and famous live and took a picture of Oprah's house.

We have so enjoyed our company and exploring all the treasures that Sarasota offers as we rejuvenate our souls for the reality that will hit us soon enough.

As we soak up the last days in the sun and try to absorb every sunset, we consider ourselves blessed by the new addition to our family.
Wanda, you're a gem and we love you!
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