Fall Dinner

On Saturday night we had some friends over after football game. It was a cold wet night. So the soup I served was a hit. I didn't fuss much. The house was dirty and fridge was almost on E.
I picked up these cute metal plates at local second hand store.
I made my Grandma's Apple Salad.
Apple Salad
6 shredded apples
1/2 cup w sugar
Mix together and set aside.
Whisk together 3/4 whipping cream and 1 egg yolk
Then add 1 T. Flour
2 T.w sugar
Bring to full boil, then add 1T. Butter,2T. Vinegar.
Cool in fridge.
Then cook 1cup raisins in water for couple minutes.Then drain water of.
Finely chop 2 pieces of celery
And 1/2 c nuts.
Mix all above together and refrigerate and serve
Instead of shredding apples I just put in this chopper. So easy!
Didn't have a recipe for Chowder Soup. But the secret ingredient was the heavy whipping cream.
Also served poppy seed ham sandwiches. Used mini ciabatta buns from Wal-mart. Then spread cream cheese on bread. Make sandwiches with honey ham and Swiss cheese. Put them in cookie sheet. Make a glaze of 1 sick butter 3 T. mustard,4 T.Worcestershire sauce,4T. brown sugar and 3T. poppy seeds. Bring to boil and pour over sandwiches and bake them till cheese is melted.
Served some tomatoes I still had growing,from back my house.
And still had some cheeses left over from Launch Party.
Opened some of my canned red beets.
And was lucky to have one these rolls in my freezer.
This was a no fuss meal that didn't break our budget. Am hoping it inspired you to host someone soon and make them feel welcome even if your bathrooms not clean.
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