A Snowy Day In Ohio

What a great day to have a snowy day. A day after Christmas and the kids were all home from school. 
We shoveled our way to Mom's and sat and watched the birds. She was so excited to have cardinals come to feeder.
Then we played cards with her.

Then her horses got out and we chased them every where in the snow before we got them back in barn.  Quinton and Sydni were tired from running around. Thanks to neighbors for helping us too. 

Daisy was fun to watch play around in the snow. She was as white as the snow.

This day was lazy and rejuvenating too. Did some pinning and laundry along with some cooking too.
Made some crepes that Felicia's been begging for.

Mom you are the best ever moment;)

Took this picture off our back porch at dusk. So thankful for this snow day. But not going to lie I was hoping for another foot of snow.

Was so thankful that hubby came home early and once he had everything shoveled he was ready for a nap with Daisy.

 I enjoyed a cozy night with my family and also enjoyed the vases that Felicia had got me for Christmas. Love them!

So do I LOVE these girls. When you get to cuddle with both your daughter(17 and 10) at the same time, its a rare moment. They usually like to have me one on one and not share their mom. Always blame the age difference for that. So when it happens you make it last as long as you can and soak in every moment.
Hope your snow day was cozy and if not. Tomorrows another day:)

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