Gift Idea For All Occasions

Today I fixed up a gift on a budget.
Instead of paying $3. for a gift bag. I got the jar for $5.97.
This all natural soap for .97 cents. Sometime just buy these and wrap them with raffia for a date with a friend or cheer you upper.
Pack of pink thank you cards $1.97.

Had this Hershey's candy bar at home.
All the rest I got at Wal-mart.
Candle $1.
Bath soak .97 cents.
Do you notice I went with a pink theme. Think these were $1.27.
Also put a pair fun pink rubber gloves in that I got for $2.97.
.97 cents for tissue paper
Tied it with raffia an Tadah!
Total price $15.10. You also put thought to it and don't have to buy a bag and when they go to use their cotton balls or tea bags out of the jar they will remember your kindness.
My tip is always give what you would want for yourself.
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