Review Of My Blog in 2012

In January my top viewed blog was a Lena Day. Which is usually with a stop at a thrift store.
In  Feburary Our Makeover Kitchen.
In March was Sibling Love. This is when I took kids to Florida and also did blogs on each child and who they are.
In April when I got home from vacation I wrote Another Day In Paradise (In Holmes County)
In May I wrote Summer Thyme. For some reason that blogs still gets allot of hits.
The Private Reception Party was the top for June. Had so much fun hosting this party for my friend Cheryl at the Parade of Homes in Columbus.
In July is when I launched my new company Lena's Amish Granola. People still seem to hit that one allot to see what it is about.
Amish Wedding is still my top viewed blog. That was written in July.
Shana's Shower was also written in July and is a blog that people view more then others.
Fete Blanc was a top one for August.
This was one of my highlights of August.
Would you believe my top viewed blog for September the $2.50 Chairs.
My Sisters Keeper was runner up.
The Amish Dawdy House is still a favorite. It was the top viewed for October till
I posted The Little Lady In The Little House. Now the that one is making it's way to the top.
October I hit a big goal of having 10,000 hits when I posted My Windy Last Day With The TV Crew.
Following A Dream In Chicago was a big one for November.
Also was Rebecca's Bistro and
With Amish Funeral also coming in on the top for November.
For December the top ones are A Day In Kitchen With My Mom.

This is so far my most viewed one this month. It is My Husbands Spray Paint Art.

This one also got allot hits. The Night Before Christmas.

I closed out the year with  Feeding The Homeless. I never had one get so many hits so fast as this one.
It's fun to watch the stats to see what people like to see. It seems like people like Amish Stuff, DIY, also heart warming stuff.
Feel very blessed to have people from other countries also look at my blogs.
Also for how many times people have looked at my blog. I've only been blogging for little over a year. Want to thank you all for your support and kind words.
It is a therapy for me and enjoy sharing it with all of you.
Hoping this motivates you to start your own blog to inspire others. Happy New Year to all you followers.



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