Reviews On Restaurants In Sarasota And Venice

We got lucky when we visited Old Packing House Cafe the first day. It's located all the way on the end of Bahia Vista (North end) you go straight onto Cattlemen. Close to Detwielers Market. Its a good hole in wall hippie place with huge portions where locals hang out. Sometimes they have a one man band in evenings.

Here Chef Judi was filming on a local TV station. She is a Culinary Director for ABC 7, and also a food & wine editor. Who better to ask where to dine while visiting then her.

She was a very friendly lady that gave us permission to call her our friend to get VIP service at the restaurants she suggested;)

Here I took the Blessing Design girls to Miller Ale House for Wednesday night is Lobster night. Its on corner of Cattlemen and Bee Ridge in Sarasota.

We seldom miss a Wednesday lobster night. In fact that usually has a deciding factor when we arrive and leave.

The first night together as a group we went to Lucia's off Hillview and Osprey in Sarasota.
We all loved it. Shana said its best Nachos she ever had. I say its best wild mushroom pasta in a white sauce I ever had. The menus were gigantic and the owner was our waiter. He was so friendly we ended up staying at the bar to eat. 5 stars for this place.
This place at the Sarasota Farmers Market on Saturday mornings always has amazing cheeseburgers and Italian sausage sandwiches. Sorry I don't know name of this place but just look for turkey legs and you will know its the best place to eat at Market.

We drove to Venice for Judi's suggestion on trying Made In Italy. Well worth the drive. Dixie loved her pasta dish made with wide homemade noodles. We all loved the atmosphere and food as we were seated on the streets of Italy(or it felt that way).

Sam played his accordion for me with a Birthday song.

This mushroom pasta dish still makes my tastes buds water.
Its on Venice street downtown and reservations are suggested.
When I asked the group of ladies that were vacationing(celebrating my 40TH BIRTHDAY BEACH BASH) with me, for reviews on restaurants this Owen's Fish Camp came up the most. So I'd dare to say this was our favorite one.

Here is our group happy with food and atmosphere. One of the mentions were it felt like we were at someones house. Kathy loved her grits and collorad. Cute menu and good sangria's.
Very cool decor and chairs. Please don't pass this one up downtown at burns court.
We also got these yummy deviled eggs.

We also went to Old Salty Dog in Siesta Village. I got good coconut shrimp. I'd probably visit again but not off the charts.

We had breakfast at First Watch downtown Sarasota. The owner is a artist and has allot his art on the chalkboards and walls.
Dixie enjoyed this place too.

Love there pancakes and their coffee is very hot and a pot of coffee stays on the table.
This was one of the few chain restaurants we visited.

I met Artisan Cheese Company on my Instagram.
Was honored the owner recognized me when I walked in.
This is a very unique place with many treasures. Including some amazing Parmesan cheese.
This is honey I got and my family loves it. Its raw honey produced by a local bee farmer.
The crepe's called Russian Blintz's,at Millie's off Clark in Sarasota are hard to beat.
We all liked the omelets also.
The Lollicake Queen was another treasure I found on Instagram and met them last year when they were still at the Farmers Market. Amy the owner is such a sweetheart and she remembered me by my first name when I walked in her shop.

Best Cake pops in the world off Hillview in Sarasota. They are also ready to open a new groovy coffee shop next door in two weeks. Has amazing wood grain walls and will be beautiful.

This was a typical late afternoon siesta when we'd get back from the beach.
Emma's Pizza in Pinecraft off Bahia Vista has amazing Pizza.
Of course my eggs in the morning were a hit too.
With a side of yogurt with my Lena's Amish Granola that melts in your mouth.

We visited the Blue Rooster and the dining atmosphere is amazing. The menu and food not so much. But they also just opened so I'll check back next year cause the one man band singing the blues was awesome.
The Scallops at the Pineapple in Venice was a good choice.

On Lido Beach toward the south end where the pink striped umbrellas are we always like the beach access restrauant. They have refreshing pina' coldas and awsome huge burgers.

We love this secret place when we get hungry on the beach.
The great thing is I got home right before Easter weekend so came home to others cooking for our family. As you can tell I love beautiful colorful food.
When you travel ask locals where to eat and try new places everyday. Live everyday like its your last.
Hope this is helpful on your next visit to Sarsota Florida.

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