"Day With My Daughter In The Gardens" Treasures In Amish Country.....Part 1 (Series 3 of 7)

Today was one those days I will cherish for a long time. I let my soon to be 18 year old daughter sleep in this morning so she wouldn't say no, when I asked her to ride along with me for the today.
So first we took care of some business deliveries and then we headed over to a friends house.
Her name is Mary Yoder and is one of the sweetest people I know.
She is a very creative person that has a beautiful blog called Porch Swings & Honeysuckles. She always inspires me with her creative ways to make beautiful things out of nothing. She was making a coffee table in her shed when we arrived.

Her garden awaits her in due time.
These pictures don't do justice for the oasis that is in her homestead by the woods. Here my daughter is smelling the honeysuckles.

Felicia and I roamed her gardens mostly in perennial flowers.

Her waterfalls and ponds were through out her gardens with the for-get-me-nots in bloom everywhere.

She had a peaceful pond with a weeping willow tree (my favorite) by the pond.

She insisted I take 3 Maple Trees and perennials home with me.
As Felicia kept whispering to me "She so nice"
The reason I share this with you is because I feel I have a treasure as a friend here and I want you to get to know her through her blog.

She had a local church take all the members pictures in her outdoor setting.

She mentioned that this was just a gold fish.

As we moved from back of house to the front.

We noticed this area for outdoor hosting.

She even has her own cute little greenhouse.

 They have two boys that, I'm sure have spend many hours in this playhouse.
This lilac bush smelled divine.

As I was taking the picture of the swing she mentioned how she always wanted a tire swing.
She makes all her own little gate and sign.

I think what makes her place such a treasure is she is such a peaceful lady and it is felt out in her gardens as you walk through them.

Their horses were gracing in the fields.

As we said our good bye's and headed to our next destination...

We passed this lady coming home from the greenhouse with her treasures in her wagon.

We also stopped by Country Gatherings to look for ideas on fairy gardens.
I think they are the hub of fairy gardens in Amish Country

With a HUGE selection on anything you can think of for you Fairy Garden.
Today was a day I will treasure cause I spend it with someone I love. Hope you had a good day too. Look for tomorrows treasure on this series.

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