Bowden Bells "Treasures In Amish Country".....Part 1 (Series 2 of 7)

Today I visited a place called Bowden Bells. It's a true treasure to have found this artsy and unique place. I've been wanting to visit for a long time. I'd hear people say about these amazing bells made out of recycled oxygen tanks.
As I went down a dusty road in the middle of no where I was on a search to find this treasure in Amish Country.
As I followed the signs off of State Route 754 in the western end of Holmes County I was excited for what I might find.
I knew I'd find a artistic person here, by what was displayed on the outside.
I was greeted by Mattie. She is 4 years old and loves people.
My eyes darted every where for there was so much creativity in the room. This garden art is made out of a shovel and pitch fork. She told me all about her shovel heads her and her husband Vince make.
I guess I should introduce you to the artist that lives here. This is Jan Bowden. She has a degree in glass art and gives classes also. She has her own kiln. I think it would be fun to have a girlfriends party and see what we could create.
Loved these martini lawn ornaments too.
This guy begged to come home with me but not today, maybe later.

Cool bottle cap necklaces.

Of course I liked the look of this wall cause it was teal.

This beauty of a rustic street sign was on the outside. Sure if I asked Jan she'd have a story to this too.

She told me her Amish neighbors had thrown these ice cream pulleys in the trash. So they made these unique fish out of them. I told her I think it should be displayed at a fish hut style restaurant you would find in the south. Such as Owen's Fish Camp.

This is what they are known for. Their beautiful heavy duty bells made out of recycled oxygen tanks.
The pulls are made of real leather and they have a exceptional sound to it.

These flowers are made out of silverware and bowls.

She gave me so much information about her living in Oregon then in Minneapolis. Then who her husband Vince's uncle named Jim Flinn found this peaceful place in the country for them. It has been 20 years that they've owned Bowden Bell.
I asked her what inspires you?
She said "I like to surround myself with inspiring people and I read allot. I also like going to art shows."

She said I'm now surround by talented people like my friend that makes these hand warmer mugs.
Every where I looked I seen happiness and a sense of freedom.
As she was telling me of more hidden treasures in the area I felt so blessed to have finally met this artist in person that is in my backyard. Well almost I'm guessing she is two miles from our house.
She was telling me how her son is a chef in Israel and you can checkout her son Ben Davids blog at moshepolo.blogspot.com.
This is a place you will want to visit when you come to Amish Country or if you live here and have never been. I left feeling inspired and happy to have found this treasure to share with you.
Look forward to seeing what I will find tomorrow.



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