Live In The Moment

The other day I was feeling a little sad on the fact that we are going to be experiencing changes in our family soon. Our oldest daughter will be graduating in a couple weeks.
She was home from school so I asked her "do you want to go on a treasure hunt?" She said "sure that sounds fun." So we hopped in our van and went
to a local

scratch and dent store where we buy our k-cups.
Next we stopped at Harvey's Market east of Nashville on SR 39.

He picks up his produce in the

south. The watermelon were very good.
Felicia loves tomatoes so we got some vine ripe tomatoes also.
Next we were off to Rodhes a local grocery store that we enjoy shopping. As we walked in behind this lady. I commended how cute she is in dutch to Fee. She says I bet she can speak dutch too. So in dutch I told this cute lady "Duh bisht so schnuck" (your so cute) She of course wanted to know who I was. So I told her, as I point over to the GoGo Granola Bar display "you'll have to go get one those GoGo Bars and read the wrapper to know who I am."
We ended up having a nice conversation with Mattie and her daughter Rhoda. Was blessed how my daughter interacted in the conversation.

The memories we have and still are creating this summer are precious.

I know it will not always be like this and its a season of our lives.

So as we prepare our hearts to push

our first born child out of our nest and for her to fly. We are savoring every moment of the here and now. I'm proud of Felicia as she will be going off in missions in the Ywam program in the fall. She will be training in the CO base. We are excited for her and will support her no matter what she does with her life for we know she is lead to go where the Lord leads her. Excited she gets to show love to people all over the world.
Fly high without regrets and enjoy every moment!

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