Love Living In Amish Country Most Of The Time

Today I loved living in Amish Country. Of course I do almost everyday. Well maybe not in the dead of the winter. About three years ago after returning to yet amazing vacation from Sarasota, Florida I was pouting on why we can't live there. When my husband brought me to my senses of how this season in our lives would not be a good time to move to the palmy south. It would up root our children in the schools they are happy with and other things that wouldn't be practical at this time.
So I decided to from that very moment on, enjoy where I was planted and see the beauty all around me. That is when all this picture taking started;)
I can't believe I'm going to say this but I love living here in Amish Country and would have a hard time moving. Everyday I stand in aw at the beauty all around us.
Today I met a lady that is moving here from Louisiana, just because she loves it here in Holmes County.
This blog will be random and might not go with the pictures. But thought I'd let you see a little of some of my moments of joy I had today. Or should I say yesterday.
My Amish parents live right next door to us. So she told me today that dinner will be served on her back patio. She made chichen and potatoes with apple sauce.
After dinner Dad, Mom, my daughter Sydni and I went to the greenhouse. Then we dropped them off at their cabin so they could open it for the summer.
I love Richardson's Greenhouse in Loudenville. They have mini fairy gardens and many unique plants.
This morning I get a phone call about these fresh farm eggs being .35 cents a dozen, so off I go to fetch my treasure of the day. Another plus of living in the country.
Today when I stopped to see my friend at another greenhouse I struck up a cute conversation with this cute little Amish boy.
As I sat on our back porch tonight I felt blessed on the life we have from living in the country. As listened to the bird swish in and out of its nest by the back door. As the sunset was a golden beauty.

This is a gathering place for our family in the evenings in the summer time. We also tried these new crackers along with hummus and avocoda's. Love them!
I feel blessed to live where I do and want you to be encouraged to love where you live and don't be blind to the beauty that surrounds you.

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