One Mans Junk Is Another Mans Treasure

Yesterday I stopped in at Allen's aunts garage sale on the way home from a long day. I had shoes on that hurt me and I my brain hurt from my day. So if I'm honest with you I just stopped by to show her my support. As I glanced over her things this dresser caught my eye but I talked myself right out of it. As I was leaving I said over my shoulder. "If I can't sleep tonight cause I can't quit thinking about that dresser I'll call you in morning."
Yep, I called her late last evening that I wanted her $25 dresser and she should mark it sold before someone else wants to buy it.
So this afternoon Allen,Syd and I went to pick it up.
So happy with this trash to treasure piece!

Along with this $2 light. They soon told me many people wanted to buy the dresser today. So yes I felt lucky.
We stopped off at wal-mart to get paint. Allen used 2 bottles of white primer spray paint and 4 bottles of teal spray paint.
He taped off the mirror and was done with it in no time. I was going to rub stain over top, but liked how it looked without so just left it.
So lucky to be married to a good spray painter.
Was so excited how well it turned out. I started taking pictures before he had it all put back together. These pictures don't show the pretty color teal.
Love the detail of the legs.
Ta duh!
It found a home in Syds room.
Even the wooden knobs look beautiful!
This is such a pretty piece and LOVE the color we picked for it.
Oh, and that $2 light...with a fresh coat of same color paint it also looks great with a pop of color.
Never be scared to turn a ugly piece of furniture from trash to treasure.
One mans junk is another mans treasure.
What was your garage sale find of the week?

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