"Yoders Antique Mall" Treasures In Amish Country... PART 1 (Series 5 of 7)

I've been driving by this new Antique Mall this past month and wondering what it's like? So today I decided to stop and see and liked what I saw.
It opened in April of this year. It's owned by Amish people.
They are such a sweet and friendly couple.

My Grandma used to have one these antique boxes. She kept her dried teas in them.

I liked this little table with a metal top.

There were many treasures in this local place that is off of County Road 201 on the greenhouse road. The address is:
5484 Township Road 359
Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Open Monday - Saturday 9 to 5

Great wooden bowl.

Someday I will have collected all these bowls.
I could have bought the whole set but like to look for a treasure and a bargain.
I found the green Pyrex bowl today for $9.
I had gotten the red one for $3, at Save and Serve a local thrift store that I love too.

This cake taker caught my eye.

So did these rolling pins.

Might go back for this soap dispenser I am still thinking about.

I'm not sure whats going on with blogger, but last couple days my pictures won't load clear.
So I apologize:(

LOVE these turquoise bracelets!

That fan would be fun to decorate with.
What a beautiful garden gate.
Took this picture across the street from Antique Mall.

I also shot this picture of a little Inn that's in the little village of Winesburg.
I don't have details of this place. I just thought it looked like a treasure.

So were these cute little boys on a Amish farm. They weren't scared of me once I started talking dutch to them.
Make sure you stop at this great Yoder's Antique Mall next time your in Berlin Ohio.
It's my kids last day of school and we are celebrating and excited to sleep in and swim. Let the fun summer begin!!!!

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