Blue Ball Jars and A Treasure Box Freshen Up My Kitchen Island

I was inspired by my friend Mary from her blog she did on her bathroom makeover. You can link to her blog here and see for yourself how creative she is.
I passed up on this treasured box the other day at a warehouse sale. I'd think about it everyday but kept telling myself "get over it, there will be another one better waiting for you at a garage sale this summer."
Wouldn't you know it today I decided to stop at the resident and just check if it sold. I offered them $25 below the price tag listed. Reached in my purse and got out the birthday money that a friend had given me and was waiting for the perfect thing to spend it on. Well the time had come:)  This baby went home with me!
I loved the color of the old paint and its beauty.
It has all kinds of cool dividers in the drawers. Also it has the original little wooden knobs.
My new treasure box is made very sturdy. The only thing I did to it was paint the back of the box where new wood  was added when they took it off the wall. The box was needed a back made for it.
I painted it a grayish white that looked close to the same color as the drawers.
I also got the cow mount that is hanging in the background of the above picture at the same place.
 We will enjoy our treasures kept in this box. Normally we just throw everything in a bowl on the kitchen island, but now it can be hidden in my new treasure chest.
Back to the blue ball jar chandelier I added above the island. Never mind the dirty dishes in the background.
I punched a hole in the middle of the can lids first, using a screw driver and hammer. I then added a couple more for ventilation for the candles.
I found these little hooks at the hardware for 50 cents a piece.
I then screwed them in the center hole of the lid.
Next I hung them on chains in the ladder that was already hanging there before. I loved how easy and vintage farmhouse style this DIY project turned out.
What's more beautiful then well weathered and used cutting boards!?!
We store our fresh fruit in the vintage antique galvanized old strainer.
 I added the white tulips my friend gave me the other day, and my little 20 minute revamp of our kitchen island makes me happy.
Here is another idea. Use one of your square scarf's and tie it with a piece of jute and voila!
Thanks for reading my blogs.
Do one thing to your house to make it feel like a home this week. It will make you smile when you walk in your front door.
Happy first day of spring!!!

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