Chair Makeover With Homemade Chalk Paint

Today I put a thought into action. I had four very ugly chairs hiding in the SHED waiting on warm weather and Lena.
So after a day of meetings and deliveries and needing some therapy. I grabbed a tall glass of H2O in my favorite cup.
I was ready to beautify these babies and bring them back to life. Never mind the fact of Allen asking me last week if he can burn them. I seen potential in these antique chairs.
I first took 150 grid sandpaper and quickly sanded them down after I unscrewed the hideous upholstered chair seat. Next I took a dry rag to wipe down the chair.
I researched on how do make my own chalk paint for this DYI project you take:
1/2 cup Plaster of Paris
1/2 cup warm water
Stir till dissolved then add:
1 1/2 cups latex paint(color of your own choice)
I used a satin finish for interior furniture
I mixed it till was a nice smooth texture.

I then gave all the chairs only one coat of the black chalk paint.
They dried in less then a half hour. I was going to sand the edges and wax them, but decided I liked the finished look so well that I just let them be as is.
As the chairs dried, I took some fabric I had left over from making my own roman blind for our new bathroom and reupholstered the chair seats. Was a easy job till I ran out of staples and had to use upholstery tacks. This was a therapy project after all.

It was time for these uncomfortable chairs to go! These are the chairs that we were using before. No one ever wanted to sit on them. They will work great for extra seating when needed but as for now they are outa here!!!
I like the finish to the chalk paint when it dried. Just a little of the brown showed through.
Next I screwed the seats back on and
From start to finish this DIY project only took 2 hours.
We now have all comfy seats at the dinner table.
The legs on these new old chairs are beautiful!
The captain chair is for the computer area right next to the table.
Such a comfy chair for this space.
As I put the final touches to the table center piece I was so glad I did this therapy session.
 I hope this inspired you.
Soon I will have you over for dinner to sit on our comfy new old chairs.
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