Fun Painted Canning Jars For Easter

Yesterday I gave our mantle a colorful refreshing face lift.
I've been seeing these spring colored painted jars pop up on my Pinterest feed and in blogs I read.
So I decided to give it a whirl. I never took time to checkout the instructions. I thought it looks pretty easy.
However I did make the mistake of spray painting them inside the house, in my craft room floor on a old sheet. We were intoxicated with fumes. My bad but I guess this is the life of living with a the DIY queen;)
I liked this color combo I picked out for the DIY project.
When the jars were dry, I then took a permanent black marker and highlighted the print on the jars.
Only then to notice I had painted Ball and Atlas canning jars.
 To be honest I'm not sure yet on them finding their home on mantle but I know that like them. I tied jute around a couple of jars to break up the colors.
I then used this cute little bench to set them up on different levels. You can read how I redid the bench here.

Added some green moss a Easter egg nest and some antlers and
these cool prickly balls I picked up in my acupuncture lady's yard.
Since spring is here, but it still feels like winter I will now focus on Easter and am hopeful by then we will able to kiss this winter weather good-by.
I will be doing some more DIY Easter projects in the next couple weeks.
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