Felicia's Paper Chandelier and Her Studio Room

Today I was inspired to make a vintage paper chandelier. It found its home above our oldest daughter Fee's bed in her studio d├ęcor bedroom.
I've seen a blog of The Nester and she had a similar one in her blog that was in a magazine.
I got this "don't know what to call it" in a house we picked over the weekend. I was so thankful I didn't toss it in the trash. I'm guessing a old bike wheel would work too. I was so thankful the little chains were all attached and ready for my trash to treasure chandelier that I had pictured in my head.
I tore out pages from a old book I had picked up at a local thrift store. Then used my tulip punch to make a hole on top of page.
Then I slipped one on every chain.
Then for the top layer I had these glitter cloth pins from a wreath my youngest daughter had made a wreath out of at Christmas time.

*High Five* This vintage paper chandelier is so cute!
I saved the tulip punch outs and the glitter that fell off the clothes pins for thank you cards I write to all my Esty orders.
Here is the link to my new Etsy Store.
This is a little off track but it was setting under my DIY Project so I decided to snap a picture.
Here is idea for a tire swing for your fairy gardens pick up a toy tractor from the thrift store and use one of the tires off the wheel to hang up on your plant with a piece of jute.
Back to this sweet lamp:)
The chandelier turned out pretty hipster and fab if you ask me!
When she came back from her mission trip to Thailand, I framed these prints off my iPhone at Wal-Mart. She got teary eyed when she seen I had replaced her fashion prints with these pictures she had posted on her Instagram.
She uses an old ladder to hang her collection of shoes on.
She hung some pictures on her wall on a piece of jute and used the painted cloth pins we used at her Graduation Party. Here is the link to that party.
This vintage paper chandelier is perfect for her room. I made the antique lamp that I hung down the middle out of a piece I got at a garage sale and it makes a perfect match with this lamp.
She loves it and so do I:)
I'm guessing I won't be able to reclaim it till she leaves for another mission trip. I'm happy she loves it and feels her Mothers love hanging over her head as she lays in her sanctuary.
I spent zero dollars on something that brings life into a room. I'm hoping you are inspired to read blogs and use the things you have to make your rooms cozy.
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