Mom Your Wanna Be Hipster

I'm convinced I might be a wanna be hipster. I love many things that the hipsters gravitate toward.
Sad to say I don't think I qualify according to my teenage kids.
This morning I decided to Google "What is a hipster?"
The number one thing it said was how to dress like hipster.
I guess my wanna be hipster shirts that I made aren't quite cutting it;)
I even bought myself these uncomfortable suede shoes. Just because I thought they look rad.
However I'd like to think I sport the skinny jeans well. I have yet to wear a beanie and big black plastic specks.
Step 2 of being a hipster was hipster health.
I jumped on the kombucha band wagon pretty fast. I now have a full time brewery going of this fad drink and it has many health benefits. Here is a BLOG link on how I make it. 
Hipsters like there coffee strong. I'm in:)
I in fact am brewing coffee kombucha as we write.
I'm also making chia seed drinks for my family. So what part of that is a wanna be hipster?
Hipsters also like fresh markets, thrift stores and street bands. Yep, I'm in!
Every city I visit the farmers market is the first thing I look up on Google maps.
The style of photos hipsters take is cool too. I'd like to think I'm on board.
I have to laugh out loud on this one because this is the area my kids remind me the most that I'm a wanna be hipster.
Hipster hair?

Guess not. She rocks it better then me.
 Where hipsters roam? Cities and metropolitan areas in galleries, coffee shops, movie houses.
I'm out of luck on this one how ever I do like cities and groovy coffee shops.
Hipsters are usually in their teens through age mid 30's. OUCH!
Another thing is that hipsters don't define themselves to others.
Hipsters also like reading blogs:) We are hipsters!!!

Hipsters also like Granola Bars:)
So for all you wanna be hipster and real hipsters link to this HIPSTER GRANOLA.
Here are some tips to be a hipster according to Google.
Always have the latest IPhone handy
Starbucks or your local coffee is one of the food groups
Don't wear crocs...EVER
Keeping a nonchalant attitude about everything
Most importantly, don't do anything mainstream !


  • Try not to take yourself too seriously.
  • The goal of being a hipster is to look like you're not trying, however, if you are one, you are probably trying really hard, or at least enough. Just accept it.
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, you may be really frustrated that other people don't get what's so great about your music, fashion, and other choices. Give it up; you won't ever see, hear, or feel the things they love the way they do, and that's because everyone is different.
  • Negativity can pollute the hipster culture, perhaps as a counteraction to the ridiculously-positive, can-do motivational speaker style attitudes pervading much of the business and consumer culture these days. However, negativity is not an answer, it's simply a reaction. Always try to find balance and peace in your life rather than seeing doom and gloom in everything. Yes, society is full of problems but being negative about them won't solve or change such problems whereas a realistic and pragmatic approach to doing things that make a difference will go part the way to bringing about a better world. Remember too, that every generation is cursed with thinking things used to be or could be better. We are time-bound and body-bound creatures who need to accept our limitations while making the most of what we do know and can do. Constant deconstructing and criticizing of society can all too easily turn into a paralysis-by-analysis lifestyle, in which complaining becomes your modus operandi but actually changing the status quo is not something you're tooled up to do.
  • Don't take this article too seriously, instead see it as a set of guidelines to work with as befits you. Hipsters pride themselves on their independence from the mainstream.
  • Don't expect yourself to be hipster right away. It is actually a process of becoming a hipster and you shouldn't rush it.
Here are my own tips from the wanna be hipster:
Always stay true who you are
Only get high on the spirits from the great man upstairs
There now is a groovy croc that doesn't look like one
All that said I'm ok with being a wanna be hipster Mom!
I hope you got a chuckle out of this blog.

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