Decorating The Church For Easter Sunday

Last week we decorated our church New Pointe Millersburg Campus for Easter Sunday.
I was asked to stage two areas where families can take their pictures.
In the above picture the Ogi sisters are posing for their mama.
For the one setting we pinned what seemed like a thousand old book pages on a white king size flat sheet. We then pinned it on a photography backdrop frame. My friend Summer then pinned the tissue paper flowers that she made on the pages. We completed that setting with the bunting banner I had made out of paint samples. You can read about how I made that here.
Here Calihan and Syd are posing for me. I think the flower head crown was adorable on her.
These sweeties pinned all the pages on the sheet a couple days before staging.

We captured this picture with my girls and me. However the boys slipped away before we had the chance to take a family pic.
My laundry basket was made into a Easter basket with music note paper shreds and a couple bright colored eggs.
I put white tulips in blue mason jars and tied with them a string of jute for easy table d├ęcor.
This is the burlap ruffled tablecloth my Amish aunt makes for my Etsy store.
It fits perfect over a 6 foot lifetime table. Its fun for parties and hosting.
I made this fairy garden of the tomb and the 3 crosses.
These grasses started from seed were tucked in a couple milk glass vases and displayed on a silver platter by the information center.
I made this nest out music note shreds and modge podge.
We stuck my garden gate on the shelve and added some fresh blooms.
I got the teal polka dot burlap at JoAnn Fabrics.
I brought these green flowers planted in a ironstone from home and added them to the shelve.
This is how we decorated the church on a budget. I believe it doesn't take much to make things pretty.
Hope you had a blessed Easter filled with sunshine.

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