Love Felt On Earth Day

This week I posted on my personal Facebook that if anyone has extra perennial flowers, I'd like some. One of my friends from church soon replied that she has some plants for me.
I'd never been to her house before so when I drove in her driveway I felt the love before I ever got the gift she was giving me from her abundant gardens.
Her front door was wide open and the was light shined from inside. What a welcoming feeling that was to drive up to her home with her open door with no screen door. It felt as if  she was waiting for me to arrive. I asked her if the flies and bugs don't enter in her home without screen doors? She replied that no they don't.
I asked her if she minds if I took pictures of her oasis and she said "Go right ahead I don't mind."
She remarked how I should come back in the summer time when everything is in full bloom.
She displays many mirrors on her exterior and interiors.
She said this window mirror brings the woods onto her back porch.

The interior mirrors make the rooms look bigger.
Her home had such a homey cozy feel to it with her touch for decorating.
As she lit these battery operated flickering candles and mentioned how much she liked them. She told me she got them at Village Gift Barn in Berlin.
She many a story on how God has blessed her with her treasures in and around her home. We sat on her front porch and caught up on what's going on in her life. She talked allot about what a good man her father was. He just past a couple weeks ago.
I loved how she talked about her flowers with a zest of how us parents talk about our children.
As she just graceful dug up yet another one for me.
I can't even imagine how beautiful this back patio in when that arbor is in full bloom.
Oh and I just remembered she has a quaint little bed and breakfast she runs out of her basement that people love to stay at. I guess you can sit on this back porch yourself if you like.
Its called Serenity Lane Lodging and her number is 330.231.0522 if you ever need a place to stay at while visiting Ohio Amish Country.
I asked her how she doesn't have any weeds in her flowerbeds and she gave that too, the glory to the Lord.
I was touched by my hour spend with this lady that has a glow of sunshine with in her.
I never realized that it was earth day, till I got back home and was planting my treasures and Syd remarked how great it is that we're doing this for earth day.
Karen Lou's kindness will be remembered for many years as her blooms will shine on the other end of the county. I'm hoping they will multiply so I to can share them with many of you.
Today I'm blessed with rain showers that are watering these new blooms.
 As I'm looking out my windows I see new life everywhere. I'm seeing bluebirds, yellow finches, robins, tree buds, green grass and my flowers smiling back at me.
Happy Spring to you!!!

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