Taking My Parents To Amish Greenhouses

Late last night we planned to make a early trip to Amish Greenhouses with my parents. Dad was looking for shrubs and Mom was looking to replace her roses that froze over the winter. The Ohio winter was hard for plants to survive.
At the crack of dawn the guys of the house headed out to turkey hunt and we were ready for a good breakfast before we go to the greenhouses.
So we picked up my parents next door and went to Mrs. Yoders Restaurant in Mt Hope.
When we arrived at the restaurant there was only one horse and buggy at the hitching rail.
 Their breakfast buffet is hard to beat. Its filled with made from scratch food cooked by the Amish cooks in the kitchen.
It was nice to be out early and beat the crowds on this beautiful Saturday. I'm sure there will be many people out and about in the rolling hills of Amish Country later in the day.
By the time we left there were more buggies tied up to the rail, as you can see.
The sun rose up and we were ready to venture on to see what the greenhouses had to offer.
We were wondering if this Amish man on his little tractor might have been after some shrubs also:) Note, the old Ford truck in the background.

I think my parents enjoy my adventures and stopping to take pictures as much as I do. This is a Amish schoolhouse that's still in use.
We first went to Yoder's Greenhouse that is North of S.R. 250.
The owner is showing Dad the shrubs.
As I'm off to see the selection of their fairy garden plants.
After they loaded up the van with rose plants, we were off to the next one. Along the way we stopped at my nephew's old farmhouse. They are restoring it for his family to make it their home.
Our next stop was at Fredricksburg Greenhouse. I walked in and this is the first thing I saw. I vibrant selection of succulent. Jackpot!
Syd captured the white pony grazing out back.
The greenhouse owners daughter was busy transplanting plants.
Look at that!!! Can you believe we survived the winter and now this blessing of a season has arrived!?! SPRING
After we had the van filled to the brim we were headed back home and we couldn't believe the clock said 9am. As Mom commented that the early bird gets the worm, we all chuckle at how many times she reminds us of that.
In the above picture you can see Syd through Mom's new lilac bush.
When we were unloading their treasures, Mom said "Lena, come over here and look at my hot bed and see how my radishes and lettuce is peeking through already."
I had to share with you my latest purchase I got yesterday.
 I has going to built my own little window garden house but it was cheaper to buy it then to buy the windows and make none my own. My old one broke to pieces last week in the wind storms. After realizing how scarce old windows were by looking at habitat for humanity and antique stores. I even asked a guy driving a truck with window installing decals on his truck, that I seen met at a traffic light. I asked him what he does with the old windows that he replaces. ha I was down on my luck on snagging a deal on old windows.
So yes so I just bought one already made. If you look close you will see the green weather vain on top that I love.
I came home from my early Saturday morning adventure with my heart filled with love, my belly filled with food and these beautiful succulents.
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