My 40 Day Fast Is Over

Tonight after my daughter Felicia got home from work. I asked her "Do you want to go on a little joy ride?"
I was wanting to take pictures for Instagram since my 40 day fast was over. I went without my personal Facebook and Instagram for lent. It was much harder to give up my IG account then the other one. I've given up Facebook before, but never Instagram. I still tried to see things along the way that caught my eye. Even if I never stopped to take the picture.
I think I could probably give up my personal Facebook page without to much pain;) Instagram on the other hand, not so much. I missed the community and friendships I've build through pictures and comments.
We toke a ride down little country roads and stopped here and there along the way.
I love old houses and we came back to this house my Dad owns.
Fee had never been in this house an was a little freaked out how haunted it felt.
I wanted to checkout the bee hives in the wall before they came back to their home.
As we drove down the road to find the next picture, we seen signs of spring everywhere.
I captured Betsy with a mouthful of her supper.
Tonight Suzie had her turn driving the team of horses pulling the plow.
Capture of a capture.

There was a meadow filled with sheep.
This picture of the adorable baby lamb was my favorite shot of the night!
The Amish children were out playing all over the neighborhood. I liked the old barn in the background also.

This stream looked and sounded peaceful.
As we headed back home I felted blessed and privileged to be able to post this picture on my Instagram account.
I don't have a magic transformation or a amazing testimony about my fast. A couple things I do know is, I had more time to read my devotions and to meditate. It also taught me self discipline. I was blessed with a couple things that came from the fast that are personal.
On the other hand I really missed connecting with God through pictures and I really missed seeing when my friends birthdays were on Facebook.
Hope you have a blessed Easter where ever you may be!!!
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