Wall Plates // Benches // Easter Back Drop

This Monday was a whirlwind of a day. I got home from making deliveries at 4 this afternoon and had like a dozen Diy projects I wanted to bang out.
I'm thankful with the help of loved ones I'm finished with three of them.
I was inspired by the Nester's blog. I've had the idea of putting a display of plates on the wall by the fake fire place mantel for a couple weeks already. So I've been collecting plate hangers and thought I probably have enough to get started. I was a couple short and I will add those later.
This is what my wall looked like before. One broken plate and an hour later I almost have the look I had imagined.
I added the clock on the far left on the top to finish up the setting.
The mantle was hard to find the perfect setting.
It needed a big statement piece, so I used this gem. I'm going to put this old ironstone pitcher on Esty soon.
 I then added antlers, candles, and some greens.
In the mean time our friend Alyssa and my daughter Felicia worked on pinning old book pages on a white sheet. This back top is for a project I'm doing at the church. I'll share the complete project when it's complete.
It was a tedious job, and I was so thankful for their help. Every page was safety pinned on to the white flat sheet.
I made them pose for me afterwards.
They also helped, by telling me where to place the plates on the wall.
In case your wondering the color of the wall is spoon.
I'm sorry I forgot to take a before picture of these hideous looking step stools that have been transferred to shabby chic beauties. I did the paint before I started the plate wall project, that way they were dry when I was ready to reupholster the seats.
I found this fabric at Wal-Mart. Its a blue and a tan stripped. I stapled the fabric over the old fabric. It was easy as pie.
This small bench needing a little bling. So we went online and printed the crown on to wax paper. I wrote a blog on how to do that HERE.
After a crazy productive Monday I'm ready to light the candles and put my feet up and relax.
In the last blog, I had mentioned that I have something exciting to share with you.
I guess I'll give you a hint of it but also plan on doing a blog on it later.
I'm having a Shed Opener Vintage Sale!!! It will be kind of like one of those Barn Sales but on a little smaller level. I want to see how the turn out will be. If all goes well, I'm hoping to start having a spring and fall one. It will be here at my house by our shed.
I'll keep you posted on the date in the near future.
I added this to show you how a this wall will drive me nuts. lol I've already got up and switched the plates around twice.
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