Little Work And A Lot Of Play On A Saturday

We had a day of summer weather yesterday. I was so excited to get outside and work on some over due clean up work.
I moved my old wash tubs that were filled with herbs, that I'd started from seeds on to the back porch and also the forced bloomed tulip bulbs.
Sydni, my little helper and me pressure washed the back porch.
It took us two hours, since this green moss had build up on the carpet over the winter months.
My plans were to plant these bulbs in the flowerbeds.
However we never got that far. I have a little table where I have sweet potatoes in water in hope for starts and also some other plants I got from my mother n law.
I'd like to white wash this table top. Since I pressure washed the paint off.
Next we were planning on working on opening the shed, but instead we convinced ourselves that it will wait and it's time to play.
Felicia was working and the men went fishing. So Syd and me were off to find treasures.
We weren't sure where we would go but I had two things I wanted to do for sure. That was stop at thrift stores and find twigs that were in buds to force bloom. I also wanted to enjoy the ride with you in the back seat.
We turned the Granola van around many times, to capture the moments. I liked the contrasting colors of the orange and blue in this hippy picture above.
This picture was taken in Jelloway.
This one was taken in the historical town of Mt Vernon, Ohio. I'd drive and Sydni would take the pictures and Google the thrift stores.
We took the back country roads to Columbus and it wasn't Route 62.
Sydni had the best ice cream cone she ever had when we stopped off at a old fashion ice cream parlor. She's still talking about the delicious flavor today.
As we made our way to the big city, she captured the this shot of a Ohio Bicentennial barn.
We had fun with this sleeping man at Marshall's.
Shelly was a fun lady I'd never met before. She didn't know the sleeping beauty either. She made funny faces and posed for a photo shoot to put on my blog.
She said for $5. I'd go nestle up beside him. LOL

Next we were off to find some more ironstone at another Goodwill. That's where I met a fun lady that moved from California to Columbus. Her name was Shae. She told me it was such a nice day she rode her bike to the thrift store.
We were off to meet a friend for dinner next. We also seen this beautiful handcrafted canoe stuck in the back of a old truck. We gave the driver a thumbs up as we passed him:)
The German Village Park was packed with happy people. I think we have been in hibernation so long that we're extra happy when this beautiful 70 degree Saturday was handed to us.
We drove through the pretty little village of German Village to soak up the quaint beauty of it all.
By the looks of it, we might get blessed with our second mission of the day.
My friend Cheryl met us at Roosters for some delicious wings and some over due girl time.
Next we were off to find some blooms we could snag somewhere. It wouldn't sound right if I said "We drove around looking for twigs we could steel to decorate the church." ha
I got a hint from some one to snag them at this pretty cemetery. We were out of luck, when they were closing the gates as we're driving up to it. That whole idea sounded kind of creepy anyway.
However we did manage some of these soon to bloom twigs in our back seat.
Funny story goes with this capture. I guess you can ask Sydni about it when you see her.
I always loved the teal colored rusty old metal on this barn, that we turned the van around to take another picture. Wouldn't you love to be following me on day like this? Yep, I'm your typical tourist.
We had to keep looking in our rear view mirror to see the amazing sunset the Maker was giving us, as we drove our way back home.
It was the grand finale of the great day filled with work and play.
I'll be sharing some of the other treasures we found while thrifting in another blog.
I can't wait to share with you what I have up my sleeve. I promise it will be in a blog formed soon.
I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather and the ride in the back seat.

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