Summer And Me Preparing For Country Living Fair In Rhinebeck

Yesterday I helped my friend organize and start preparing her for a big event she's looking forward to. She has a booth called Summerthyme Chic Boutique at the Country Living Fair. The spring one will be in June in Rhinebeck New York and the fall show will be in September in Columbus Ohio.
By the way that's her kitchen table. Isn't it so cozy and cheerful.
There is allot of planning and work that goes into these famous shows that you will often run into well known bloggers and Diy'ers.
So a couple days ago she was over whelmed with the mountain of work ahead of her and she asked me to help her. I showed up at her house pretty early and we got busy organizing her garage. We first made piles.
The piles got sorted like this:
fairy garden stuff
needs painted yet
country living fair>stuff needed cleaned and priced
needs upholstered
needs finished fluffing
goes in her craft room
her front porch
garage sale
thrift store
storage barn
Well you get the idea. We had our selves an organized mess by the end of the day
I wanted the job of unpacking her ironstone:) It was like Christmas unpacking it and not knowing what I'd find.
Well we finally found the shelves.
This is all her fair garden pile that was then organized into crates.
Then stacked back on the shelves. She is planning on making around a 100 fairy gardens this year. Yes you heard right!
These old fishing lore and tool boxes will be for the gardens also.
She wants to tarnish this silver urn and wine glasses too.
We took a lunch break and she served these delicious salads in these awesome granite bowls.
I couldn't help but to marvel at this great Easter vignette over lunch.
I felt like we got allot accomplished but of course we never got finished before it was time to head out to the auction that we both were looking forward to attending in the evening.
The Atlee Raber Auction is held in Mt Eaton every Wednesday evening. It is owned and run by an Amish guy that you see on the left in this picture.
This sign sadly never made it home with me. I thought it would have been cute on the side of my Shed.
Checkout that adorable little Amish boy in the picture above taking it all in.
This curly haired sharp boy was fast and excited on taking the bids. I was impressed and wanted to soak up the culture I was in. It was a mishmatch of different kinds of Amish along with flea market people with some city people thrown in the crowd yet too.
I'm thinking this heavy antique cast iron stove should of went home with the one leaning on it. It was a working gas and wood stove.
I went home with a big heavy horse shoeing tool box that by the smell of it probably came straight from the barn to the auction.
I want to finish up this blog so I can go stir up some white chalk paint and bring the wooden tool box back to life. Stop back to see the blog on the diy project.
I was blessed in more ways then one by helping my friend. Anytime I get to be in Summer's presence I'm inspired by all her expertise in d├ęcor and diy knowledge. Plus she's always allot of fun.
Also when I checked my emails in the evening I got exciting news of Main Street Coffee House in Indiana picking up Lena's Amish Granola products in both of their coffee shops.
I felt like the Lord blessed me for me giving my time when I was feeling over whelmed with my own to do list. I didn't say this to brag but to encourage you to let God use you not only with your money but also your time.
I'm itching to get outside to start my garden and flowers.
See you soon. 


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