Sunday Afternoon Drive In Ohio's Amish Country

Last Sunday my daughter and I went on a drive to capture pictures of beautiful Holmes County. We truly live in Amish Paradise in the rolling hills where the grass is slowly turning green again.
We are blessed with Rails of Trails it is a local paved trail to walk, bike or for Amish buggies also.

She asked me where we were going and I told her. "I have no idea."
So I drove and she took the pictures. I think we made a great team.
She has a great eye for pictures. Like these sheep she captured. It almost looks like one extra long sheep with 6 legs.
She loved the girl's expression on the right, of when she seen that Syd was taking a picture of her. It looks like she's saying "oh!"
They had a cute pony. It was smaller then the girls.

There were many Amish people walking home from church as we drove down the country roads toward Walnut Creek.
I loved the contrast of this blue with the rust on these old oil tanks.
Look at the pony with it's tongue hanging out. The Amish kids were eating their cheerio snacks in  little baggies. So adorable! Do you think they'd have room for one more on their load?
 As you can see the grass is finally promising us that spring is here to stay. Do you know where this beautiful barn is located at?
It was a beautiful day outside and we seen many people on their bikes and walking too. Here is a Mother walking with her boys.
As you can see it was a breezy day. The Amish woman's shawl blew in the wind as she was walking home from church.
It was feeding time for the cows at this Amish dairy farm.
We came up over a knob to see this Amish traffic jam.
These little boys were in their church attire. My guess is their parents had no idea they were barefoot. It was a nice day but it still was to cold to take your shoes off.
That brings back memories of taking off my shoes as a child and walking in that fresh green grass for the first time in the spring time. Or walking behind dads plow and feeling that cold dirt in between my toes.
Syd sort of missed this perfect shot that ended up being beautiful. The buggy is just going around the bend on top of the hill. Love the lone tree and fence line.
There was a cute little boy riding in this Berlin Flyer wagon. Along with the empty Tupperware pie container. The Amish ladies take turns taking the cookies and pie along to church. They all have numbers and that's how they know who's turn it is to take the homemade goodies along.
Here is a young married Amish couple were pushing their baby in a stroller.
This homestead sells windmills as you can see on the sign.
The mother sheep must of had triplet lambs. They'd jump up on the mothers back and play. Was so cute!
I've taken many pictures of this old Ford truck and this old relic of a jeep setting under this rustic old barn.
Look at that!!! SPRING:) The spring flowers are just starting to bloom here in Holmes County.
Here is another sign of spring. When the martin birdhouses are uncovered and raised back up.
These girls are out on a spin close to Charm.
This family is in their two seated open buggy.
I was wishing this drive you took with us was in this beauty. However this teal collectible car is on my bucket list. Every time I drive by it, I say a little prayer and talk with God about this one.
I hope you enjoyed the ride in our back seat driving around the hills of where we live.
It took us about a hour and a half and you only 5 minutes:)

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