Heidi & Wesley On The Amish Sheep Farm

Last evening we went to my Hubby's family to celebrate our daughters birthday.
After dinner was served I said "I'd like to walk up to...
the farm where Allen was raised, to see all the baby sheep." So we all took a little walk down the road to this sheep farm that is owned by my husband's cousin.
 Little Wesley met us in the lane with his pet donkey. I asked him if I can take pictures of him and his sheep. He grinned the most adorable grin and said "Sure!"
Notice the Amish church wagon setting in the background. They had church at there house yesterday.
So he led the donkey named Mickey to tie him up and gave us a tour of he sheep barn.
Wesley's big brother Jason was also playing with their pony.
 This baby sheep was born that morning. So the mother was very protective of its new baby lamb.
It was feeding time for these beautiful creatures.

My girls wanted to hold a sheep. So Heidi jumped right in the pen and caught one and handed it over the fence for them.
Sydni's face was priceless.
Love this capture with the expression in all three or I meant four of their faces. As Heidi is holding the black sheep of the family in the background.
Cute little Wesley was so determined to catch this new born baby sheep. He put his hand palm side up...
talked to it ever so gently till his capture was successful.

How adorable is this of a little Amish boy on his farm holding a baby lamb!?!
These Easter lambs are almost ready for the market. I should of known better then bringing Sydni with me to see this herd of sheep. Because now all she wants yet for her birthday is a pet lamb.
As we were leaving the farm we were surprised by this huge teddy bear dog. Heidi let him out of his pen and...
he bounced around like a big black bear.
We felt so welcomed on this cute Amish farm. Sydni said I wish we lived on a farm too.
I'm thinking Jason might need a bigger donkey.
The parents told us Heidi and Wesley are their little farmers.
I'm hoping you enjoyed going with us on this farm tour where my Hubby spend many hours on as a little Amish kid.
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