Making A Rose Arbor Out Of Old Doors

This week was a productive one for us. We got some DIY projects done and started mulching the flowerbeds and even got our Shed cleaned out. On the flip side I felt over whelmed and behind in blogging since I had so many things I wanted to write about. You blogger's understand what I'm saying if I tell you I didn't want to do one more project till I was caught up on here.
I've wanted to replace this rose arbor in the front flowerbed for the last year. The old twig arbor was on its last leg. (notice the robin on fence)
I gave Allen the permission to burn it, thinking in the back of my mind am I going to regret it? What if I want to use it my backyard sometime?  It was so wobbly that I'm sure its good it disintegrated into ashes and smoke.
I happened to have two same looking old doors with glass in them, one of them was hiding in the garage and one was stored in the shed. We took the old bed spindal headboard for the top part. That I had found out of an old house we had picked. You can read about that here.
I cut the legs off of the bed.
Allen ran to the hardware to buy brackets to make the arbor.
Next we helped each other make this arch that I had envisioned in my head for over a year.
Once I start a project I like to grab the bulls by the horns and not fuss around and have it completed. So as the sun was setting I was painting as fast as I could so we could still move it in its place before dark.
Syd is always close by when I'm working on DIY projects. She comes running all excited about the picture she had captured with the camera that was laying close to the work area. What a stunning picture of a bluebird sitting on top of the window greenhouse!
The goal was accomplished just in the nick of time. Lets not mention how unimpressed Allen was at his white hands from having to move it while the paint was still wet. Daisy was as happy as I was with this new rose arbor.

The white roses are going to be stunning this summer on this white beauty.
This is a picture from last summer with the roses on the arch and cute little Daisy.
Even though this flowerbed hasn't been mulched and has very little color, I enjoy looking out our front window and seeing our fruits of labor and creativity.
I hope this inspires you to look in your garage or shed and think out of the box of how you could use the things that you thought were junk and make them from trash into treasures.
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