Stopping At An Amish Farm For Eggs And Leaving With So Much More

We are abundantly blessed by living in Amish Country. In this community there are many little signs out by the road for things like honey, eggs, maple syrup, veggies, homemade carpets and basket. The list goes on and on. I've been stopping at these Amish homes for goodies for years and I love stopping at the more stricter or should I call them the Swartzentruber Amish. If I'm totally honest it's because I'm intrigued by their simple way of life. You'd think with my Amish upbringing I wouldn't be, but I am.
 I was raised old order Amish and that was a little more modern then the ones I'm talking about here. However in the summer I only get my eggs from the ones that have refrigerators. Which is the old order Amish ones same as I was till I was 18. Are you about confused with all these details of different kinds of Amish?
Back to my story of finding farm fresh eggs and going home with so much more.
 I was on a back road and remembered seeing this Fresh Brown Eggs sign out by this country road that was within a mile of Berlin, which is in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country.
It as pouring down rain when I got out of the van. So I quickly ran past these beautiful perfect spring flowers lined up beside the walkway to the front door.
This sweet Amish lady opened the door for me and welcomed me right on in out of the rain. Soon I seen these sweet potato plants setting on the windowsill in quart jars filled with water. I asked her how long it takes for the potatoes to grow roots in the jars and for the vines to grow. She informed me that it takes weeks on end and she got hers started late. She then in Dutch said its OK it their behind in growth because
Blons in Moy, duh size foon un oy
Blons in June, duh size foon un moon
that's the Dutch version and here's the English version
Plant in May, the size of a egg
Plant in June, the size of a moon
It's one of those little rhymes that when translated into English it just doesn't sound the same and doesn't rhyme anymore.
I noticed she had a herb book laying on her table as she was putting my 4 dozen of fresh eggs in a bag to make it easier for me to carry. So I asked her if she practices natural healing and that literally opened up a whole new door to our connection. I noticed this beautiful old heritage cabinet with the pink Pyrex bowl on top and was wondering what was behind those doors.
As she opened the cabinet she told me the story on how she got started making her own herb medicine for her family. Soon all her family and friends wanted her healing touch too. Look at that! She was so passionate about all of the different concoctions she had in these brown glass medicine bottles.
There was more then I can even mention. All I can say is I was impressed by not only by her friendly attitude, but also all her wisdom she hadrons share.
She gave me a little book of her different kinds of remedies. I then asked her if she minds me sharing this with all of you and if I can take pictures too. She approved and said she'd love for me to. 
I  asked if she had something for my teenagers acne and I have to tell you we are already seeing results. We got the salve last Friday and this is only Monday and I can already tell a big difference. It was only $8 not $180 for something that makes it even worse.;)
As I made my way back out into the rain, I quickly snapped another picture of her beautiful tulips.
She went into her spring house to get my pint of fresh maple syrup that I had also requested. Notice she had her laundry hanging under the rafters in hopes of it drying on this rainy wash day.
She said its OK to share her name and address so you my friends can find her too.
Esther Miller
4550 T.R. 366
Millersburg Ohio 44654
My guess is you'll have to leave her a message and she will then call you back later.
I went home with 4 dozen eggs, a pint of fresh maple syrup, pimple salve, a new friend, lots of information and a happy heart for only $21.
 When I left I was reminded on how blessed we are living here. Many people here in Amish Country really do live a more simple life.
In the above picture I waited for the Amish Dawdy (grandpa) to cross the road. He was carrying his tattered umbrella and the chain from his chain saw to the sharpening shop.
Next I stopped off at a local greenhouse.
I had the privilege to talk to the owner (that you see in the background of the above picture) about flowers and life for probably a half hour.
I will admit one thing. It is an advantage when you can talk Dutch. It brings down a wall with the Amish and they seem to have a instant trust with you.
This morning we had the first taste of the fresh syrup. I served stuffed French toast and it brought back memories of when we'd get this treasured treat from my grandpa that cooked down the syrup himself. That reminds me of another time this weekend we talked about how our taste buds can bring back memories. I bought Tang and the kids talked about how their grandma always made them the refreshing thirst quenching drink when they were little kids.
I hope you enjoyed riding along with me on this rainy day that was much like the day we are having today.
Enjoy the moments and bloom where your planted! 
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