Selling My Collection Of Ironstone At My Vintage Sale

I'm getting so excited for the Shed Opener Vintage Sale that I'll be having soon here at our house! I'm going to be selling my personal collection of ironstone along with other vintage treasures. It will be by my Shed in our back yard.
Today I was washing and shining up all the ironstone and stoneware. Lets just say I've got gobs and 99% of it is all white.
I promised my family I wouldn't stress out over this celebration sale. So I'm trying to be smart with my time and energy to prepare for this big event. It will be held June 20th and 21st on a Friday and Saturday from 8a.m. to 7p.m. It's going to be kind of like the Barn Sales you read about in blogs and such. The prices won't be like a garage sale but also won't be as expensive as on Etsy. So kind of half way in between. I'm going to have great displays and I'm hoping to inspire you for your home and gardens.
OK, back to talking about ironstone. Most of it is marked and allot of it is Homer Laughlin stoneware.
I absolutely love this soup tureen!
I have collected a couple for you and in hopes to be able to treasure hunt a couple more tureens, by the time the sale rolls around.
As I was washing up the collection today I was sipping my coffee in my favorite ironstone cup.
Here are some of the many plates that I'll have at the vintage sale.
There will be square, oval, round, rectangular, plain, fancy, big and small plates and also many bowls.
I also have McCoy and other collectible planters and pottery pieces.
Lots of ironstone mugs that I love to give as gifts. Their is something special about drinking your morning java out of a quality heirloom white cup.
I will also have fairy gardens at this special sale.
By the time June rolls around I'll be getting rid of these plates on my wall too. I don't get attached to my things, even though I love them. Well that is other then my loved ones.:) I think its the hunt for the treasures that I enjoy the most. So its your advantage because most of the things you see in my Instagram pictures and blogs you will most likely see them at this sale.
Last evening Allen helped me make this vintage chandelier out of old wire fence, Chrystal's and blue ball jars. It will even look better once it's hanging in my weeping willow tree with the candles lit.
I also have a big collection of ironstone pitchers.
I couldn't believe how much ironstone I had collected already. This is probably only half of my collection.
So folks, mark the date on your phone and datebook and plan a trip to Amish Country. My address is 11051 C.R. 329 Shreve, Ohio 44676. It is going to be on June 20th and 21st on a Friday and Saturday from 8am to 7pm. I won't having any one for early sales, so I hope to see you all at 8am on Friday morning.
If you need to contact me via email with questions on local lodging or directions you can do so at relaxnchic39@gmail.com.
I will be posting more blogs on the preparation for the big Shed Opener Vintage Sale on June 20th and 21st.
Here's a link on our shed that was made from trash to treasure.
Hope to see you soon!

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