A Fee Day That Ended Up Being A Me Day Too

Beginning of this week my daughter Fee kept asking me Mom what are you doing Thursday? So today we planned on having a Fee Day. That meaning we will do whatever she wants to do. Her request was that, she for sure wanted to drink Starbucks, eat at Chipotle and shop at a Marshall's. That sounded like a perfect plan to me.
Last minute we asked my Mom if she'd like to join us. She was delighted to be a part of the Fee Day.
As we came to the end of our road, we had no clue should we turn left to go to Mansfield or right to head toward Akron.
The funny thing was we ended up in Medina. 
As I stopped to take this picture of this beautiful old barn that's close by our house. I heard a groan coming from the backseat with a oh no this will be a long day. I then realized that I'll have to be discrete in taking pictures on this Fee Day. She doesn't enjoy my stopping to take picture shenanigans like my other daughter. So I decided I'm going to just soak up this treasured quality time with both of them and do my best at not fuss with taking pictures.
As we headed toward Wooster, when we got out of the van to go to Goodwill, I saw the storm clouds rolling in behind this beautiful blooming pear tree. I was OK with it since I felt a little guilty for not staying home and working in my flowerbeds.
We were happy with the first stop. I loved my new old porcelain duck and Fee liked her new shirt also.
We stopped off at Chipotle and we were delighted my Amish Mother liked her first time experience there.
Next we hit up a garage sale that I quickly snapped a shot of this cozy porch that was at the estate.
Say cheese:)
Yes, I hit jackpot at this amazing estate sale. I got 22 vintage cameras:)
I will be selling them at my Vintage Sale. You can read my sale on my blog on here. Most of the cameras still work and have allot of them have the film also.
My men were so happy I also snagged a bunch golf balls for them at this sale.
As we headed the van north and we enjoyed the back country roads to Medina we were excited where the scenic route might take us.
Since I didn't get to stop and take pictures I'll try and give you a visual of a couple things we seen along the way.
Many blooming pear trees. They were especially beautiful in little old towns with them lined up on each side of the streets.
Another shot of a lifetime that I'm still envisioning tonight, was this little pond that reflected like a mirror and it had this extra long deteriorating dock that would probably not hold more then a duck. It was in a meadow that had a blooming trees that reflected in the pond with a couple of geese underneath them. Oh! and it also had a old fence with rusty barb wire between my camera (that was nicely tucked under the seat;))and this dreamy little pond. Do you envision it?
We did make a U-turn when we seen this greenhouse sign. Mom and I were so excited to find a nice greenhouse that we've both never been to before. She got herself some radiant pink mini rose bushes.
Nice Purse!
When we passed through this historical town of Medina our Google Maps was taking us to the Marshalls store, but my eyes were focused in on all the details in the old buildings as we passed them by. As I quietly reached for the camera at the red stop light and quickly snapped...
these pictures of this gorgeous street of old brick buildings. I knew you guys were in my backseat, so its only fair I take a couple pictures for you to enjoy. Right?
Next it was Mom's treat by buying us our favorite drinks at Starbucks. The guy in the drive thru window talked like the guy on Dumber and Dumber and it was hard for me to keep a straight face with them giggling out of control in the background.
With us having our shots of caffeine and a good belly laugh we were now ready to hit Fee's finally wish for the day. I can't believe that this is the only picture I got of her. It's her trying on things in the dressing room. ha
However since she's so beautiful and I'm a proud Mama I have to share with you this picture I had from our lunch date a couple days ago. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
When I got out to the van from our stop at Marshall's I noticed my phone notifications were blowing up my phone. Soon I realized that the Country Living Magazine had shared the DIY project that I had done earlier this week. It was a post from when I had made a chandelier out of fence and blue ball jars. You can read about it here. They found my picture of it on my Instagram. I felt like it was a kiss from God just as I it did when I seen the pond and the vintage cameras. Our God really does love us that much that he wants us to have joy here on earth as well.
The last leg of the race for the day was to find yet another thrift store in this town.
As we headed our van back to the south, we reflected on what was the best part of our day?
We all enjoyed this Fee day with Gods kisses along the way.
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