Making a Polka-dot Liner for My Shopping Cart

My Mom and I just finished making a liner for this shopper cart. I had picked up this collapsible cart at a thrift store this winter. I wanted to make a liner for the cart so things won't fall through the cart when I'm wheeling it around flea markets and shows.
So this morning I wheeled the cart with the goods to make the liner over to my Mom that lives next door. Coffee in one had and excitement in the other:)
I had picked up the teal polka dotted sheet at a thrift store for a dollar a while ago in hopes of someday using it to make this liner.
I measured and cut the sheet and she sewed it together.
She insisted on making the liner double layered, since the sheet was so thin. Next time I'd use a thicker fabric so its more durable. I thought about burlap but sometimes it leaves such a mess with fuzzes. Mom said we should slip something stiff between the fabric that went on the bottom of the cart. so we cut a pizza box to the right size.
She then just slipped it in between the double layers.
I showed her the old tool bag that I wanted to tie to the back of the cart when we were finished with our DIY project. She that's to dirty and made me go wash it. ha
So I sprayed Oxi Clean on it an threw it in her Amish Maytag washer and...
it cleaned up beautifully.
By the time I walked back into her sewing room she was sewing the finishing touches on this lovely liner. I had grabbed one of our glittery winter scarfs in hopes of it working for the ruffle around the top.
It fit perfect! Next she sewed a shoe string to both sides of the top of the liner. So it would hold it in place.
She then hand stitched the scarf to help secure it more.
I also added a couple of Velcro dots to the top of liner.
Two hours later, we both were so happy how this flea market cart had turned out.
I tied the clean old tool bag on the back where I can store my phone, tape measure and business cards when we roam the markets this summer.
So stinking cute! If I may say so myself.
Here's the shopping cart liner that's was made with a $1. flat sheet, winter scarf, shoe sting, and a pizza box.
I added a little bunting to put my touch to it tonight.
I hope this inspires you to make pretty things with the treasures you already have.

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