Design On A Dime

I will quickly show you a couple things I redid tonight after a awesome day of treasure hunting. I will share a blog on that adventure tomorrow or the next day.

I snagged this ugly serving tray with coasters at a thrift store today. My first instinct was thinking of putting music notes under the glass or a print out from online.

As my brain was spinning what would be cool. All at once I remembered these lobster vintage paper napkins I gotten for .25 cents at a garage sale a couple days ago.

I popped out the rings that held things in place.

I then cut out the circle from the napkin.

Popped the wedge back into place and BAM! I didn't like how the creases were in napkin in the picture above, so I ironed the paper napkin.

Did the same for the coasters and look how cute.

Here's the finally DIY project. This project reminded me of my friend Barbara from Venice Florida. She has painted me the cutest crab pillow and serving tray and other things I treasure.

I also got two ugly screen covers that had these ugly bees stitched on them. I was already half way done snipping off the clutter when I snapped this picture.

After much patience and snipping and peeling the fuss off. I now have these much treasured vintage looking food screens that I'll use for the purpose it's for and to decorate with. 
Think outside the box when you see something ugly. You can probably bring it back to life with just a little love.
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