A Road Trip With Mom Is Always A Trip

Oh what a adventurous day it was! My Mom and I had 9 million stops to make on this road trip that we took today. I'm going to try and name all the towns we went through today.
Walnut Creek
New Philly
North Canton
East Sparta
Mt Eaton
I know doesn't that sound exhausting? :)
I will have to say it was probably more tiring writing all those, then it really was driving through all of these towns. It was one of the most beautiful day we have had so far this spring. The blooming trees and shrubs were amazing!
 I took this picture close to where my Lena's Amish Granola production is. There were many Amish farms similar to these that we passed along the way.
It was one of those days where we rushed here and there and we still enjoyed every moment along the way:)
I was driving and she was in the passenger seat, so the picture taking was kind of limited. I occasionally in a hurry passed her my phone, to snap a moment as we passed by.
If only I could of captured all the blooms in a picture form, but tonight they a still in my mind of how breathtaking, beautiful they looked. I can honestly say we got as excited when we seen a beautiful blossoming tree at 8pm tonight, as we did at 8 am this morning. We pointed them out like they were our first ones we ever seen.
We kept commenting how we are enjoying this day.

I noticed this blooming dandelion on the stunning old stone steps with this rustic barn door on the red brick building.
I'm going to share a couple funny moments of our day.
I laughed hysterical when the hostess at Olive Garden laid down crayons with her silverware. She didn't think it was as funny as I did. We were missing the mints with the check so I asked for some. The waitress with a little attitude came with a whole handful and threw them in my big orange purse before we even knew what happened. It made for another laugh and refreshing chocolate treats along the way.
When it was time to head back home we loved confusing the GPS and made it reroute probably 20 times. Our goal was home and we knew we'd find it by following the sun. As we headed west we had roads closed because of high waters along with a couple dead end paths too. As my Mom says you are never lost cause you can always be found.
We also enjoyed the smell of the fresh lilacs, a friend gave us along the way.
We had stopped at probably 5 greenhouses to find Mom's special flowers.
Low and behold finally we found them at Mt Eaton Greenhouse. It's a Amish Greenhouse closer to home.
I was intrigued by this young Amish couple with the supplies they bought for their garden. The Amish women had a baby in one hand and her vegetable plants in the other. The man was carrying a bag that I was guessing might have been filled with colic fertilizer and a hand cultivator in his other.
As we set our eyes back on the sun. My Dad called me and was wondering if I'll ever bringing Mom back home:)
I heard her say to him, we have to stop for a ice cream cone because we forgot to eat supper.
I'm wishing I could of captured a picture of the hilarious scene that unfolded on our next stop. We drove up to Lem's Pizza and there was a bunch of Amish young boys sitting out front at the picnic tables. They were enjoying their ice cream cones. I told Mom I'll take care of some things on my phone if she'd  want to go in and grab the treat. With the fact that I really wasn't in the mood to walk in, in front those curios eyes. After a long day on the road. 
As I was waiting. I looked up and saw a women sitting inside eating pizza. Instantly thinking I wish I'd of told Mom to grab a piece of pizza too.
No sooner then I thought it. I look up and see my Mom stumbling out the front door of the pizza shop trying to manage to carry a to-go box with pizza and two dishes of ice cream. It was like a slow motion of the one dish of ice cream falling onto the glass of the door and then falling back onto my Mom's dress on her chest. This all happening with the same audience she had before. As we sat and watched it unfold. She had managed to not have any food from ever hitting the ground. I'm still laughing with tears running down my cheeks as I'm writing this. I so was thankful she found it humorous too.
 For those of you that know my Mom know that she has great facial expressions that go along with whole funny scene that unfolded in front of my eyes after a long day.
Next Mom had one more mission and it was to drop off a toy truck, for a friends son that had broke his arm. 
 This pretty much tells you how blessed we are with a caring, kind, giving, funny, best Mom in the world Mother that we have.
I hope you enjoyed riding in the back seat of the van with Mom and me.
*I am sorry if you don't have your Mother, or a good relationship with yours
If that's the case my sympathies are with you. If that's you, then I hope this blog might just inspire you to see the beauty in the route of being lost and finding your way back home.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's!!!

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