Tips On How To make Flea Market And Garage Sale Trips A Success

Ladies and gentleman......drumroll.........!
It's finally that time of the year where we can quickly hit the breaks and not worry if we get rear ended since it all goes for a good cause. We see a bright neon sign that informs us of a sale.
Or to look forward to a flea market you've been planning on attending.
I've been asked many times how I find my deals and if I have any good tips on finding them. So I decided to write a blog on it. They always say or don't you want to share your secrets. I think its no secret. So here are some helpful tips off the top of my head.
I Google allotment garage sales in whatever city you want to sale in and craigslist always has good listings.
I like to keep the purse small and filled with quarters and ones when I'm planning to garage sale.
Many vendors at the fleas now carry the square for credit cards. Which makes it nice.
 I always like to dress cute and comfortable on days of treasure hunting. It however always takes extra effort since we leave the house early on these days.
Pack extra water and snacks in the car. Many times you won't want to wait in long lines at he food truck. At garage sales you get cheap hot dogs and over priced pop. However you always have to buy lemonade and cookies from kids or f the money goes for missions. I have this little man inside my head telling me if you don't buy from them you will miss the next deal.:)
It's fun to go with friends that are fun, However here are a couple tips that you'll learn over the years. You'll want to go with someone that shops the same pace as you. Thinks outside the box for you. Has some money to spend. Doesn't whine how their feet hurt.
Here's a tip for you that might surprise you. Don't go with people that like the same things as you. If you do then agree on the fact that whoever sees it first gets it with no regrets. I'm not a big fan of no you can have it, no you can.*rolling eyes
Most of all that your fellow shoppers don't fill up your van or truck that you have no room for your own treasures. This all sounds so petty and if all of these things don't really matter to you then just make sure you have one quota and that is to go with a friend that loves to laugh an have fun.
*note all these tips above is of course not directed at any my friends that I've taken with me over the years
This garage sale tips going to sound kind of snooty, but I usually only stop at nice houses or old estates. I always make a quick assessment on how well their property is maintained. I know I probably miss deals by doing this judgment, but I also think it's saved me allot of time.
When I walk up to a booth or a sale I always like to make eye contact and bring sunshine with me. If they like you, your more likely to get a deal when its check out time. However you will have to ask them first:)
Here are a couple flea market tips:
*If I show up early before they open I get closer parking and first dibs.
*However the last day of the market at the last hour you can sometimes snag some great bargain deals. The vendors are wanting to just get rid of their things so they don't have to haul them back home.
*If I'm looking for a particular item, I scan and take pictures with price in it then access and go back to purchase it.
*I carry a tape measure and take the measurements so I know it will for sure fit in my van. I keep measurements of width and height of tailgate opening in my notes on my phone so I don't have to remember it in my head. We all know that will never happen. I've learned this lesson after many misjudgments. I have the tendency to think any things possible if I love the piece;)
*I like taking a wagon or a my cart with wheels so I don't have to carry my treasures. The Marshall's shopping bags are great to keep your small treasures compact.
*I like to support people that make their own soups and lotions and potions and it feels amazing after a tiring day of treasure hunting.
*I like to take time to meet new people at these events and I'm purposeful about it. It's a great way to think out of the box by exposing yourself to new people and it's a bonus if you can cross promote. I like to find new blogger's and IG' ers.
If you see something you really like buy it! Don't think I'll come back to this booth or sale later if I still have money left at end of the day.
The question I ask myself many times is will you be happy with this choice tomorrow morning?
Never under estimate what paint and new hardware can do to a ugly piece of furniture. I'm always aware of the legs that might be broken to a beautiful piece. I also don't buy many upholstered pieces. I only buy what a know I can redo myself. It is super expensive to have pieces done professionally.
If you spot a item that you know will have to come home with you before you even look at the price. try and keep you excitement to yourself.
Here's a little bargaining trick. Lets say this fans $50. but your only willing to give $40. and $42. max. You offer them $30. and more then likely they will say $40. and if they say I just can't go that low how about $45.? you say how's $42. sound to you?
Another thing I like do is make a pile and offer a lump sum for everything. This tip you will have to feel your way through if its a sale that doesn't have allot of traffic or they seem desperate for a sale it usually works.
One little thing I do when I see blue ball jars is I always look for the number 13 on the bottom of jar. Even if I'm not looking for them. If you find one you'll want to buy it. They are rare and valuable.
I don't know if this list was helpful. It's some of the things I've learned over the years and I hope it helps you also.
I myself am gearing up for a exciting event I'm holding here at my house. It's my Shed Opening Open House. This vintage sale will have lots of vintage treasures. I have a huge collection of ironstone, blue ball jars, and old camera's. I will have repurposed furniture and fairy gardens only to mention a few things. I'm located in Ohio's Amish County in the country with a Shreve address. Please grab your girlfriends and take a road trip. We will see you June 20th or the 21st.
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