Urban Chic & Farmhouse Frocks Vintage Sale in Amish Country

Oh! What a week this has been:) Filled with paint, pain, and a pimped-out garage.

My Friend Barb and I are have a Vintage sale in her Garage in Berlin, Ohio.
We are crazy and fabulous--that's pretty much all I have to say.

I'm going to keep the words short and sweet and just show you through pictures what we have to offer.

My new line of cottage-style clothing is going to be released at this Vintage Show.

Farmhouse Frocks offers one-of-a-kind women's clothing in sizes small to 3X.

We've also prepared many pieces of hand-painted furniture...

...along with lots of white ironstone.

The girls had way too much fun with the chicken feathers today.

This amazing upcycled chandelier's true beauty only comes out when you behold it with your own eyes.

So much work! But all worth the sacrifice.

So many treasures for everyone!

I'd have to say the upcycled whisk lamp is probably my favorite.

 My friend Alyssa from lyssaannportraits.com did a great job on the chalk signs.

Bam! We are ready to open shop!!!
Aren't those feather wings amazing?

One from Cali and one from Florida. I like to have things I love myself at the sale.

Here I am wondering if I have enough. One always second guesses!

The nice thing about Farmhouse Frocks is you can just add to the wardrobe you already have or build outfits by using the pieces.

This gal in the denim jacket is Gigi. She finally earned my trust after being mentored by Lola for a couple of weeks. She came to us with a Detroit swag and soon gained enough confidence to embrace the allure of the hips.

Here's my motto "Have more faith than fear."

Oh, Syd. What would I do without your neverending help and using your photographic skills while your mama stresses over details.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I had no idea this would be my new line of shabby chic clothing six weeks ago. I feel very emotional and blessed as we are already in one store, Rust & Found. We are also working with two other stores right now.  I'll keep you posted. 

Will we see you at the Vintage Sale at 5320 Hummingbird Lane in Berlin, Ohio this weekend?

I sure hope so!

As I drove back over to my friend's house this evening, I captured yet another beautiful sunset.

It bade me to be still and enjoy the moment.

I hope you are inspired to embrace the season and enjoy every moment of the ride in this thing called life! 
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